Just starting your business? Need help growing your business? Don’t have a budget?
At Clever Cow, our mission is to help businesses at all levels grow. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere and for most of us, that somewhere doesn’t include tons of cash (or at least it didn’t for us!).

With so many items to accomplish and people out there giving advice it can be overwhelming to get started! That’s why we built our DIY product line.

DIY Products

  • Are designed for early stage business owners/founders with little to no budget (Free - $500)
  • They are designed to help streamline processes by giving you a starting point
  • Designed by experts and marketers with proven experience
  • Helps guide the marketing, growth, and business process plan/strategy
  • Videos, Guides, Templates and more!

Our DIY Products

CleverU Youtube Network

10+ Shows Hosted by experts in different niches of business.

Coming Soon

Pay As You Go Templates

  • Report Spreadsheets
  • Canva Templates
  • Stock Photos & Video
  • Website Templates

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